BeoMES/ Manage production processes in real time

Traceability of lots

Traceability and genealogy are two ways to overcome the problems associated with tracking batches and materials used during manufacturing operations.

For each lot and batch produced, the BeoMES solution can record a wide range of information: raw materials and recipes used, types of packaging, processes performed, machines used, production and control operators involved, time spent and utilization of semi-finished products.

Each lot of semi-finished or finished product can be traced back to the supplier and manufacturer.


Traceability of raw materials

Traceability of raw materials in production refers to the ability to track and document the path of raw materials through the production process, from the supplier to the final product or service.

This concept plays a key role in ensuring product quality, safety and sustainability, and can also be important in terms of regulatory requirements and standards.

For each raw material, the process can be traced back to the supplier and manufacturer.

Quality control

BeoMES offers special functionalities for performing tests and quality control of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

The tests work in real time and enable an immediate reaction if problems occur in the production process.

Through these quality analyzes, companies can identify the main causes of non-compliance and can take corrective action to increase product quality.


Production planning

Based on information such as customer requirements, recipes / ingredients, order of production processes, available machines or other time constraints regarding machine preparation time, staff qualification, machine condition, the production organization solution provides the user with detailed planning of activities for the immediate future: hours, days and weeks.

BeoMES provides an overview of work orders, production capabilities, resource usage, steps for each operation, and the time required to execute them.

Thanks to the possibilities of integrated planning, you can easily determine the needs for raw materials, thus ensuring the timely availability of raw materials in the required quantities, while maintaining a low level of stocks.

Key Performance Indicator

Planning in relation to actual production, efficiency of equipment, workers, waste and quality of the finished product.

BeoMES enables the calculation and analysis of the main indicators of production performance, including: efficiency per operator, machine, work, the relationship between planned and monitored time, traceability and processes of material production, quality control and maintenance of goods, as well as planning of finished capacity.


Real-time production monitoring

Real-time production monitoring can be done automatically and using dedicated data collection tools, such as I / O cards, PLCs, as well as data insertion directly into the application by employees.

This allows company managers to be permanently connected and aware of the status of production orders and can monitor the efficiency of each employee, machine or work center from any computer, tablet or phone connected to the system.

Real time monitoring allows the planner to manage processes and try out alternative strategies such as changing the order of priorities or adding some key resource maintenance activities.


Production and processing of frozen fruits and vegetables.


Production of polyethylene and paper packaging.


Manufacturer of HVAC products and sanitary equipment.