BeoMES/ Quality control in production


Key elements in quality control:

  • Control planning: Quality standards are defined and methods and techniques are established for monitoring and evaluating products or processes. Planning includes setting goals, selecting appropriate metrics, identifying critical control points, and adopting appropriate documentation.

  • Raw material sampling: Quality control of input materials has a significant impact on the quality of the finished product. Therefore, it is important to check and ensure that all raw materials used in production comply with the specified quality standards.

  • Quality control process: This step involves periodic monitoring and inspection of the manufacturing process to ensure that the products are manufactured according to standards and specifications. It also includes the identification of possible problems or variations in the process in order to intervene immediately.

  • Control of the finished product: After the production process is completed, each product is thoroughly inspected to ensure that it meets all quality requirements. This includes testing the performance, dimensions and other characteristics of the product.

  • Deviation management: If quality defects are detected, it is important to identify the causes and take corrective measures to prevent the defects from recurring.