BeoMES/ Traceability of lots in production


Key objectives of traceability of finished product lots in production:

  • Lot identification: Each product lot has its own unique identification number or code that enables the tracking of that lot throughout the entire production chain. This can be achieved by using bar codes, QR codes, RFID tags or other technologies.

  • Records in the production chain: Detailed production data of each lot should be documented and available in the production environment. This includes data on the date of manufacture, raw materials used, equipment, labor and other relevant information.

  • Traceability back: It enables the tracking of all raw materials and materials back through the production chain to their origin. This is especially important in case a product problem is discovered and the source of the problem needs to be identified.

  • Forward Traceability: Movement of finished products from production to the final consumer. This allows for a quick reaction in case of a problem and the potential withdrawal of the product from the market.

  • Quality control: Lot traceability plays a key role in controlling product quality. If a problem is identified with a lot, manufacturers can quickly identify other products in that lot and take appropriate action, including recall if necessary.

  • Compliance with legislation: In some industries, especially the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries, laws and regulations require strict product traceability to ensure consumer safety.