BeoWMS/Increasing warehouse capacity


WMS the software enables the optimization and capacity expansion of the existing warehouse in order to better manage stocks and ensure greater efficiency in warehouse operations.

Strategies for increasing warehouse capacity:

  • Analysis of the current situation: The first step is a detailed analysis of the current warehouse space, processes and management systems. Identifying weak points and potential areas for optimization is key.

  • Improved organizations: Reviewing the layout of shelves, racks and workspaces to maximize the use of available space. Introducing better organization and proper investment of goods can increase warehouse capacity.

  • Vertikalno rukovanje: Using high racks and storage technologies to utilize the vertical space of the warehouse can significantly increase capacity without expanding the physical footprint.

  • Smanjenje neaktivne robe: Identifying and removing obsolete or slow-moving inventory can free up space for current inventory.

  • Obuka osoblja: Staff should be trained to work with new systems and technologies to ensure successful implementation of changes.

  • Redovno praćenje i optimizacija: After implementing changes, it is important to regularly monitor warehouse performance and make necessary adjustments to ensure continued efficiency and capacity maintenance.