BeoWMS/Reduction of operating costs


WMS the system makes warehouse management processes simpler, faster and more productive, thus enabling the reduction of costs of the entire business, optimizing and shortening business processes.

Cost-cutting strategies:

  • Optimization of storage capacities: WMS enables better monitoring and management of available storage capacity. This helps reduce the need for excessive storage and make better use of space.

  • Better inventory planning: WMS provides better insight into current inventory and its rotation. This allows for better procurement planning, reduction of excess inventory and less stored inventory that could become obsolete.

  • Path optimization: WMS enables optimal placement of products within the warehouse to minimize the distance that warehouse workers or handling devices need to travel to reach the products. This reduces the time it takes to draw and allows for more efficient order processing.

  • Improved order tracking: Through WMS, the order processing process becomes transparent and efficient. This leads to fewer shipping errors, which reduces costs associated with product returns and error correction.

  • Reduction of waiting time: Automating processes within the warehouse with the help of a WMS can reduce waiting time and unnecessary process downtime, thereby increasing worker productivity.

  • Better quality control: WMS enables better tracking of expiration dates, product batches and their specific characteristics. This helps to reduce losses due to expiry or poor product quality.

  • Reduction of human errors: A WMS automatically manages and documents many tasks that previously required manual data entry, reducing the likelihood of human error.

  • Improved analytics: WMS provides detailed data and analysis on warehouse performance and processes. This enables the identification of areas that require optimization and improvement.

  • Work force reduction: More efficient use of WMS can reduce the need for large numbers of workers, which can contribute to lower labor costs.

  • Better returns management: WMS facilitates the process of processing and tracking returned products, reducing the time required for their reuse or write-off.