BeoWMS/The Beating Heart of Your Warehouse


WMS the system can significantly improve the relationship with customers and suppliers by providing better transparency, faster delivery, greater accuracy and automatic communication flows. The implementation of these strategies will depend on the specific needs and business goals of your company.

Increased accuracy will directly affect the time it takes for an operation to be completed, and the shorter the time, the happier the customer.

Improving customer relations:

  • Fast release of goods: WMS gives you better inventory control and faster order processing. This leads to faster and more accurate product delivery to your customers, which improves their satisfaction.

  • Inventory transparency: With a WMS, you can give your customers better visibility into your inventory. This allows them to track the status of orders and product availability, which increases their confidence.

  • Service personalization: Analyzing the data your WMS collects can help you better understand your customers' needs. Based on this data, you can provide personalized services and products, which increases their satisfaction.

  • Accurate status information: A WMS can automatically generate notifications about order status, delivery tracking, and the like. This reduces the need for manual communications and allows customers to be informed in real time.

Improving relations with suppliers:

  • Better procurement planning: WMS software gives you better inventory tracking and faster insight into procurement needs. This allows you to communicate more effectively with your suppliers and better plan your supply.

  • Automation: The WMS can automatically generate restocking orders when the level drops to a certain minimum for a certain item. This facilitates communication with suppliers and reduces the risk of shortages.

  • Better tracking of suppliers: A WMS allows you to track how quickly and reliably suppliers fulfill your orders. This helps you to better evaluate their service and make the right decisions about continuing cooperation.

  • Communication: Integrating a WMS with supplier information systems can facilitate the exchange of information about orders, deliveries and inventory. This speeds up processes and reduces the need for manual interventions.